The concept of ShareWear

Well this is probably a very silly concept, but here it goes…

Good clothes design in Second Life is actually very cheap! Some of the best designers (like Von) do amazing creations and sell them for as cheap as L$ 150 (you can search for “House of Von” in the Find Places and teleport there to look at her most excellent clothing store – and there are bargains there!). In some cases, for a little more, you can even order your own outfit! And an “exclusive design” will probably be around L$500 or so. When you compare this with the price of getting a small plot (perhaps 10 times as much for just 512 sq. ft.), you see what I mean.

So, is there a place for second- or third-rate clothes designers at all?

Well, here comes my ShareWear concept: give your clothes away! And make them modifyable and copyable. However, ask the new owner something in return, as a donation – or a rating. Even a rating can be cool, it just costs L$ 1 and you go up in the rankings and improve your weekly stipendium from the Lindens!

Just by giving clothes away there will always be people who’re going to pick them up and remember your name. Who knows, some may even order you a custom-made design. The top clothes designers are always busy and this could be your chance after all…

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