Second Life 1.7 New Features

– Simulator Performance Improvements
* Simulators can now handle many more users without running slowly
* The simulator now attempts to run at a fixed frame rate (45 frames per second) which is the same as the physics frame rate. This means that if there are a large number of scripts on the simulator, the frame rate will stay the same, but all of the scripts will run less frequently/slower, improving overall performance.
* Major redesign of the way objects are transmitted from the simulator to the viewer.

– Added Multi-Select in Inventory
* Most inventory operations (move, delete, drop in world) can now be done on multiple inventory items at a time.
* Ctrl-Click & Shift-Click are both supported.

– Added eight HUD attachment points
* Attachments appear in the Users Heads-Up-Display (HUD) and not in the world.
* These attachments can only be seen by the person wearing them, not by other residents.

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