Alternatives to Poser for importing animations

So, you wish to become an animator, but Poser is too expensive for you? Alternatives on the open source front like Blender are too complex to use? All you want to do is something simple, effective, and easy to learn?

Until recently, this was basically impossible. Either you had a top-of-the-line piece of software, and were able to use it effectively, as well as understand how to tweak it for working with Linden Lab’s “accepted BVH”, well, your best choice was getting Poser… which at US$250 is still the “cheapest” alternative!

Enter Avimator. This is a fantastic, miniscule program developed by Vince Plunkett, someone who joined Second Life in early 2006, and after looking for alternatives for doing simple animations, developed this nifty piece of software “over a long weekend”, programming it in OpenGL, which allowed for quick results, and both Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Avimator (the name has changed a bit during its short time) has the simplest interface you can imagine: point, click, drag. That way you move the camera and select body parts. Using the modifier keys Shift, Alt, Ctrl you select the axis you wish to move. That’s practically the only things you need to know!

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