Radio Open Source comes to Second Life

The date is set for Tuesday, March 28 at 7:00 EST, the location are ? the airwaves and Second Life!

Brendan Greeley (Alden Cookie in SL) is producing a radio show at Radio Open Source, a public US radio show with Christopher Lydon.

The show will feature four guests, among them Sherry Turkle and someone from Linden Lab, as well as a university professor, and, of course, a Second Lifer 🙂

What these guests will do is sit in a RL studio, with computers logged in to Second Life, in front of an audience, and with their host, Chris Lydon. The show will be streamed, and thus available inside SL. At the same time, at the Sheep Island Conference Centre, people all over Second Life may attend the show. In front of them (not shown in the picture below!) will be the four guests.


People attending the event in Second Life will thus be able to ask questions (by typing them) to the guests 🙂 and they are able to reply back ? using the radio stream! This will be the first time anything like this has been tried ? a “virtual” audience on a radio show, allowing the audience to discuss and interact with the show guests.

There will be some repeater locations available. And, with some luck, we’ll even have a video of the “virtual studio”!

Thanks to the Electric Sheep Company for co-sponsoring this event.

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