Statistics on this blog

For a month or so, I have been successfully using Google’s latest and greatest tool, Google Analytics. It provides mechanisms to do a statistical analysis on your site. I’m demo’ing it on my own blog, which is the only personal site I’ve got that has over 250 unique visitors per day (well, at least according to Google Analytics).

The interesting bit I found out is the type of browser people are using to access this blog. Almost all statistics I’ve found show Internet Explorer to have over 90% market share, and all the rest taken together are using the remaining browsers.

It was a bit surprising to see how different the statistics are for this blog. First, apparently, almost 12% of the users are Mac users. That is almost 3 times as much as the “official” number of Mac users worldwide ? at a market share of around 4.17%, if I remember correctly.

Much more surprising was to see that Firefox users number around 40%, around the same as Internet Explorer users. This was by far the most surprising figure!

Sorry about the completely non-SL post of today. More interesting bits will follow over the weekend, if I can spare some time in collecting my thoughts…

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