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… and now DAZ|Studio can be used as well!

Beyond Poser for doing SL animations, residents’ choices were limited to Vince Invincible/Vince Plunkett’s most excellent Avimator, a free and open source project targetted to make the whole animation process simple, intuitive, and compatible across all SL-supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. A thread in the forums pointed me to the […]

The Octocracy Meets…

Today, June 30th, Linden Lab will officially launch the Second Views programme, in a RL, face-to-face meeting with the following residents: Pham Neutra Oz Spade Nexus Nash Catherine Omega Salazar Jack Alliez Mysterio Kex Godel Stella Costello Reading the latest Robin blog entry, it seems much more like a mix […]