… and now DAZ|Studio can be used as well!

Link to DAZ|Studio's Home Page

Beyond Poser for doing SL animations, residents’ choices were limited to Vince Invincible/Vince Plunkett’s most excellent Avimator, a free and open source project targetted to make the whole animation process simple, intuitive, and compatible across all SL-supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux.

A thread in the forums pointed me to the availability of the BVH export feature on DAZ|Studio. DAZ is a company promoting a community of 3D content creators and had a leading application called Bryce; a year ago or so, they thought to make a “Poser clone”, slightly low-end, to appeal to the content designers that weren’t willing to pay for Bryce (or its competitor Poser) but would like a solid, complete, professional solution. DAZ|Studio also has a free SDK for adding plug-ins and similar features.

When it was launched, it certainly attracted some attention. After all, it’s a “Poser-grade” application (differences between both are more a matter of style and preference, and of features already built-in on each application). It also had the Poser community as a target — it reads and writes Poser files, can use all libraries of Poser, etc. Now before you all think that I’m promoting this (free) product too much, remember that most SL animators have dozens or hundreds or thousands of animations in Poser format, and they don’t want to lose all their work by “switching” to another application!

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