A tool to aid designing clothes

avpainter.jpgI came by chance across this interesting item on SL Exchange: AvPainter – SL Clothes Design and Preview Tool by Pootle Trollop.

I don’t have Windows, so I haven’t tried it out, but the author claims it’s possible to upload a .tga file for your clothing and apply it visually to a polygon mesh representing your avatar (this mesh is freely available from Second Life’s website). This should be able to preview the way the clothes fit in a much better way; and for the cost of around US$10, it’s definitely not an expensive tool to have if you are seriously interested in doing perfect-fitting clothes and tired of doing it “the hard way”, that is, uploading to SL, spending L$10, watch if it works, tweak it, upload it again…

You can download a demo of AvPainter here.

Great work, Pootle 🙂

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