Attempting to update to WordPress 2.1

under-construction.gifSorry for the brief interruption. WordPress 2.1 is out and it seems to have a better way to deal with the huge amount of spam I’m receiving at this moment, so I’m trying to do an upgrade. My apologies if the site is unresponsive for a while.

[UPDATE 2007-02-04 18:48 GMT] Apparently, this update went far smoother than what I expected from Dreamhost + WordPress. Someone is doing something right back there 🙂 I’ll be taking a look at things to see how they’re going, and, fortunately, I’ve got lots of backups 🙂

Some plugins are missing, but I can live without them. Now if I only understood why the blog has been soooo slow lately…

[UPDATE  2007-02-05 03:49 GMT] Now only the tag clouds don’t work, the rest seems to be fine; this can go out of the homepage now 🙂

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  • Ok, tag clouds are operational. Whew. That was hard! As a side-effect, by looking at the logs, I noticed something weird was going on with the Dreamhost server I use. After reporting the errors I saw — related to the Zend Optimiser — they fixed it in, what, 10 minutes? Half an hour? I have no idea, but it was very, very quickly done. And guess what? Performance on my site has increased 4-10x! WOW.

    This makes me more confident that I picked a rather good provider 🙂

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