Apples and Oranges

Frowning at an apple… now if I just got a sculptie’d orange, too!“Shirkying” – a singular word describing the style of Valleywag‘s Clay Shirky when he attacks Second Life with a mix of bad statistics and biased opinions — seems to be spreading and becoming more popular. In effect, when talking about Second Life®, being able to successfully predict the immediate future becomes a pastime of many, not the least of yours truly, but so many others engage in this ever popular exchange of opinions, that you have no option but to adopt a specific style to push your views ahead.

Recent trends published by the New World Notes, GigaOm, or the Second Life Insider — and even BusinessWeek! — all seem to point in the same direction: corporate presence in Second Life is declining somehow. They come, see the hype, never gather enough attention, and go. What is to blame? Depending on who you read, the opinions differ.

Some, like Tateru Nino and Hamlet Au, imply that the issue is simply dealt with statistics — corporate virtual presences do not have any impact on the metaverse culture, thus they don’t attract visitors, and the interest in staying around in SL lessens — and they eventually go, sooner or later. Others suggest poor marketing skills that are unable to tap into the potential of SL, and until this is better understood, corporations simply wait and stay outside SL, waiting for further enlightenment. And, naturally, the lack of security (against griefers) and control (of the server grid) are also pointed out as reasons for leaving SL, or at least for not investing as strongly as before.

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