Second Life Fourth Anniversary

SL4B MapIn the olden days, Linden Lab would put a list of events announcing its anniversary everywhere: on their webpage, on the forums, in-world, everywhere.

This year we have to rely upon my good friend SignpostMarv Martin’s information of what’s going to happen on what used to be one of Second Life’s largest and most-attended events. Under the theme of “History”, here are a few scattered links about what the celebrations are going to be:

A partial list of events:

A Google Docs document

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  • I guess part of the problem is LL’s traditional birthday events don’t scale. Even with the current lack of publicity, it’s virtually impossible to get into SL4B sim. Maybe this is traffic control through obscurity?

  • Tom Bukowski

    Not up on Amalthea’s list yet – on Wed June 27, from 4-5 pm, I’ll be hosting a “Digital Cultures” chat. The topic will be “trust” and the blurb is taken verbatim from the first-ever Digital Cultures chat back in early 2005. The Digital Cultures build is in SL2PG. Hope to see folks there!

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  • I went to SL4B and saw the other sim’s but it’s SO laggy…