Sorry Mr Journalist, you’re not getting it, are you?

The Spirit of Second Life® itself, Torley Linden, recently wrote about his experience with reading what journalists have to say about Second Life. I don’t know if he had just read how badly misquoted Philip Linden had been early this week and, like so many others (Philip included), got very frustrated with the image that was presented by Linden Lab to the media.

It’s true that not every journalist has taken time to spend in-world like Draxtor Despres, who fully assimilated the Second Life culture in able to understand what people are doing with it:

Well, Drax, it might not be as dreadful at it seems. After all, even if some companies are not understanding what the journalists are telling in the media, the marketing and management consulting agencies are, as this Times Online article shows.

And with Linden Lab’s new CEO, Mark Kingdon, coming from a management and marketing — not technological — background, things will definitely change, and hopefully sad stories such as Tateru reports on Massively will be a thing of the past soon…

[UPDATE] According to the comments, Philip was not misquoted, his words were only taken out of context. Quoting Reuters’ European Technology Correspondent:

He (Philip) felt that the way I used his remark about bad weather, oppressive regimes and poor economic conditions being things that make a SL user implied that he thought these things typified SL users and that he had a negative opinion of them. In fact, that’s neither what he or I meant to say.

I’ll retract my own comment above claiming that Philip was “misquoted”.

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  • Dale Innis

    Not sure exactly what you mean by saying that Philip was “misquoted”? I haven’t heard anyone suggest that he didn’t actually say it. I think he’s sorry that he said it, he probably (I hope!) didn’t mean it quite the way it came out, he may have said it in a moment of weakness, but as far as I know he DID say it, and we can’t really blame the press? Or is there new evidence that it was actually a misquotation?

  • It was quoted out of context 😛

    And yes, he was sorry to have actually said those exact words and allegedly the journalist, after a formal complaint, did send an apology by email. Well, of course, that didn’t prevent the whole media to just copy those words (again, out of context) and spread them on the Internet…

    So now everybody thinks that Philip has been claiming that SL is just a game for people with too much time, little income, living in underdeveloped countries on the rural areas, and with bad weather.

  • Who said anything about Philip being misquoted, Gwyn? Linden Lab has expressed their regret for Philip making those comments and Reuters has printed no correction or retraction.

  • Tary Allen

    Personally I gave the news the benefict of the doubt, since media usually tend to put things out of context.

    But I never saw any notice about Philip Linden being misquoted, so I assume he said just that and meaning it too.

    Can you please give us the link where it states he was misquoted? Ty

  • Gwyn, Philip has complained but without the actual quote there’s nothing to say he was misquoted at all The Reuters guy said that the way it sounds wasn’t the way that either he (or she) intended for it to sound. There is definitely paraphrashing going on because some of the statements are not inside speech marks, but how much is a different story.

    As for journalists and quoting, I sure as hell don’t trust The Times on that after personal experience.

  • nika talaj

    Gwyn, where are you quoting the Reuter’s European Correspondent from? Or, Ciaran, do you have a citing for what you say the correpondent said? I see nothing on the Reuter’s website about it.

  • Nika it’s the quote Gwyn posted, it was reported at Robin’s office hour last week.

  • nika talaj

    Ah! ty Ciaran!

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