Finally, the blog is back online…

Gwyn in DespairMy deep apologies for the past week without access to my blog. It was a true nightmare figuring out what was wrong, and neither me nor the DreamHost technical support managed to fully understand what was wrong. In utter despair, I’ve even moved the whole installation to another server (one that is not currently being used for much) to see if I could temporarily redirect the blog there.

What was my surprise, after several hours of patiently configuring everything and uploading the backup, to find out that it behaved exactly like the site hosted by Dreamhost! Something very strange was going on, and there was only a way to try it out: remove all WordPress plugins and start from scratch.

Well, your surprise will not be bigger than mine to find out that basically removing them and adding them again, one by one, seemed to have fixed the issue! I believe that at some point I was hitting somewhere on a WordPress bug, which is tied up with a lot of things — memory allocation and waiting for MySQL to reply. Somehow, this bug is rather hard to reproduce. Worse than that — the strange combination that makes all the site unresponsive affects the backoffice as well! Everything stops — site, backoffice, PHP for all sites sharing this user, and MySQL — and there seems to be nothing that helps! Except, fortunately, removing all plugins and starting from scratch…

Ah well — with luck, there won’t be any more hiccups 🙂

Cheers to all who sent me words of encouragement and wishes of good luck; I do appreciate your support!

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  • Yak

    Oh, so glad that you’re back.
    Now I don’t have to click on you fruitlessly every day anymore 🙂
    I missed you.

  • WELCOME BACK! I was wondering about how quiet it had become on your blog!! 😀

  • My goodness – you’ve found the Bermuda Triangle of the ‘Blogosphere!

  • Lili Brink

    And at least that weird “layout1…” thing appending itself to each of your posts’ URL is gone. I never quite figured what was up with that. Yay for URLs that make sense! 🙂

  • Aaah Lili, that comes from the previous CMS I used, before WordPress — it was way more fast and more flexible than WP, but had a major issue: it was too dated (not even RSS feeds were supported, much less things like trackbacks or pingbacks or a XML-RPC API…). So I made a decision, almost two years ago, to move to WP.

    Sadly, though, there was the issue of keeping those three-year-links of the past available from the many sites (specially Google!) and not break them all. WordPress can deal with all types of links, so I made it to conform with the “old” URLs. Thanks to SignpostMarv Martin, I found a WP plugin that allows on-the-fly dynamic conversion of one style of URLs into another; so, at last, I managed to get “normal WP links” while still not breaking the URLs on gazillions of sites pointing here 🙂

    Nothing destroys a site so much as broken links pointing to it!

  • /me is in ur blog, signing comments with SLOpenID

    I can has geekburger ?