Showing Off Flexible Sculpties!

The amazingly talented Damien Fate, who has been keenly developing his next-generation tiny avatars Loco Pocos, has launched two awesomely cool videos showing off flexible sculpties on his latest batch of Loco Pocos avatars!

Flexible sculpties (or FlexiSculpties) are not part of LL’s plans to be integrated in SL soon. Still, Qarl Linden has been looking into the amazing work done by Zwagoth Klaar, Kristie Young, and Uchi Desmoulins, who have created a set of patches to allow this to happen. The specially crafted viewer has been around for five months now, but you ought to vote on the JIRA if you wish it to be implemented.

For now, you can always try out an experimental Imprudence version which fully supports them.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

(There is also a YouTube version available)

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  • It’s a pity that LL has this FlexiSculpties in a “deep drawer”. I hope at least this video will inspire the guys in San Francisco, to invest time and money implementing this feature. I will vote for it on JIRA for sure!

    Now for something off-topic:

    Gwyn, I’m desperate to find a way of sending XMl-RPC client requests from inside Second Life, to a web server. I know it is the opposite to the “XMLRPC Server”, that we already have. Having to be directly from the LSL to the xmlrpc server, without php or something in between, makes things even more difficult… Even to say “No Way!”, you are the indicated one. If you can help me on this, drop me a line.

    Thanks, Rui

  • Beryl Greenacre

    Damien is such a genius, his Loco Pocos stuff is amazing. Thanks for posting this, Gwyn!