Please get your facts straight!

In effect, when applying those new metrics to Second Life, we come to a very strange conclusion. While overall market penetration is low (only one in hundred Americans have logged in to Second Life, compared to a third of the US population having at least watched a video in YouTube), Second Life is by far more intensely used by its users than any other “popular site”. Depending on what is important for a company — getting an ad on a site that might barely just be noticed by millions of people; or catching the full attention of hundreds of thousands for several minutes or hours — Second Life might just be the marketeers’ paradise on Earth.

The era of the “Page View” is now dead and even journalists have to adapt. Who knows, their editors might be catching up on reality, as their own marketing departments start to tell them that they shouldn’t write to get more page hits, but include content that actually make people spend some time reading it… or else, they won’t be able to pay journalists for their crappy articles.

As a side note and a bit of trivia, my faithful readers spend, on average, 6 minutes and 34 seconds reading my blog articles. Thank you very much! That’s more than YouTube gets!

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