I got twitted…


I don’t know if I should blame or thank Ana Lutetia for finally “convincing” me to join Twitter… At this stage, I’m pretty much afraid I’ll regret this immensely!

In case you’re really interested, here is the link to my account

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  • Welcome aboard! I just decided to “follow” you – frenetic blogging 1 line at a time is very interesting.

  • Hey! Welcome to twitterdom 😉

  • I think this might be too time-consuming for me. Still, I like the idea of using Gtalk to send messages to Twitter…

  • Ah … just self regulate it – keep to 1-2 tweets a day – don’t feel the need to reply to all your friends on it (they sure won’t)and it is a fun not very time consuming diversion.

  • pity that you’ve started from twitter, while jaiku is better, but… your friend’s kick, your choice.

  • BTW, i’m not 100% sure, but your blog is still coughing out latest move – this post is topmost according to Google Reader (probably based on date in RSS feed) but your blog-site doesn’t show it at all, the previous item still on top on blog tape, probably it orders by some internal index, and your latest item had gone somewhere bottom or not posted at all? I would consider to change platform…

  • Aah silpol, you misunderstand the devious ways WordPress works 🙂 You see, if you look at the classification of this particular article, it’s filed under “Snippets”. What appears on the home page is, well, filed under “Homepage” 🙂 This is deliberate — I don’t really wish to put everything on the homepage, just the things that I find interesting 😉 On the other hand, “Snippets” (and other categories) might have marginal interest to the subscribers of the RSS feed. Marginally, I say!

    So while usually people have this concept of posting basically everything on their homepage, I don’t. Remember, I come from an older generation, where ‘blogs’ had editors who critically looked at what they had for content, and picked what got published on the “front page” and what would be delegated to a different column. Well, I love the ability to do the same 🙂

    Sorry if this is confusing for you. But, well, the homepage is really just for the items that are, well, filed under “homepage”; the rest remains on their respective categories, no matter how ‘recent’ they are.

    Thanks for being watchful, though 🙂 Yes, it’s a feature and not a bug; no, I have no intention of “changing platforms” for change’s sake. WordPress is still not perfect but is slowly nearing that “perfection”, which is, from my point of view, the ability to replace any content/information site with a way easier admin interface for the “regular”, clueless user. Most blogging software is way too limited; or, by contrast, it’s so overly complex to understand how to make changes that only full-time programming professionals are ever able to develop it.

    (And before you ask, yes, I’ve tried LiveJournal, Blogger, Movable Type, Nucleus, and many many “small-scale” blogging software, like the ones embedded on things like MySpace, MSN Live or Multiply; I’ve tried Drupal, Joomla, and all Mango derivatives, and I’ve settled on WordPress because it’s way more powerful and flexible than the “typical blogging software” while being much easier to setup and configure than a typical full-blown CMS)