Yes, yes, I know, it’s all broken :(

Work in ProgressI know, my blog is all smashed up. It’s time do so some spring cleaning and get a new look. Alas, it needs a lot of small tweakings — no WordPress theme is ever “perfect” for my complex environment 🙂

I’ll fix it. Eventually.


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  • Whew. The most important bits are now done. I’ve deleted a lot of useless plugins, and thanks to a more slicker design, hopefully this works much better than the previous solution.

    And this should properly support tablets and mobile phones, thanks to the responsive design!

  • Theodore Wallerstedt

    Yo Gwyneth!

    I was wondering. How do you make your image map plugin for WordPress responsive. I tried this:

    But it keeps resizing all coordinates to 0,0,0,0. Even if I try document ready or window load. I had it working a few times but man I cannot figure this set up out.

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    (e) [email protected]

  • I have never tried rwdImageMaps…

    My simple answer is: “I don’t”. Imagemaps are useful, but they are something from the HTML specifications from… 1994 or so 🙂 If I really, really need a responsive imagemap, then probably I’m far better off with a Javascript/Flash plugin which does that, specially if I want imagemaps for, well, maps. Leaflet ( comes to mind 🙂