Commemorating three years of democratic self-government in Second Life

It seems like yesterday, when a group of about 60 people or so opened up their self-governed, democratic community in the old mainland snow sim of Anzere. Three years later, in spite of constant predictions to the contrary, Neufreistadt (Confederation of the Democratic Simulators) and their sister group on the mainland, Port Neualtenburg (Funadama), are still alive and kicking, viciously fighting their political struggles on the Representative Assembly and on their public forums.

But this weekend is time for the political parties bury their axes for a bit, dress up in their Dirndls and Lederhosen, and come out to the streets and dance to silly Schlager music at this year’s Oktoberfest, which is being commemorated simultaneously by both communities.

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  • Prokofy Neva

    Self-governance, yes.

    Democratic, no.

    Private property is controlled, membership is not open, but selective.

  • I would have to say – with the synchronized Polka, and the silly Schlager Music – I had more fun with the 20 or so folks in SL than I have had in a long while!

    While far from perfect, it reminded me how important the community that got forged in the cut and thrust of self governance and struggle (that I only got involved in in the last 6 months).

    I noticed Port Neualtenburg had a booth – so perhaps even old conflicts are coming to an end, at least for Oktoberfest!

  • Oh, just to spite you, Prokofy, if you mean that there are covenants to obey, that’s indeed true, ie. you cannot put up self-replicating, rotating cubes, spewing particles and filling the air with noise. So, what you do in your property is indeed controlled by covenants — more strict in a few areas, less strict in others. However, it’s not tougher than in RL 🙂

    As for membership, it’s obviously open to all who are willing to abide by the Constitution and the Code of Laws. There is indeed a social pact between you, the citizen, and the remaining members of the society you’re willing to join (unlike RL, where you usually are “born” to a certain society and have to abide by its rules and laws, and the only way out is to emigrate). The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is inclusive to everybody willing to join and abide by its social pact; furthermore, it allows the citizens to define the nature of that same social pact (through legislation, voted at the universally elected Representative Assembly).

    There is no “selection” of citizens at all, rather the contrary — it’s hard to see in Second Life such a rare crowd of opposing views all fighting each other rather aggressively on the public forums and defending adamantly and stubbornly “their” side of things.