Don’t miss the CSI:NY “Down the Rabbit Hole” featuring Second Life!

I admit — having no TV at home, it means that I only get to watch TV very occasionally, when together with friends on their own homes. CSI is usually popular with some of them, and I tend to watch it whenever I’ve got a chance, although over here in Portugal the episodes are usually all out of order, so… if I wish to just get one, I use the Net.

Jeska Linden suggested Joost, a popular TV net-streaming service with high quality, and CBS has a channel there, but they won’t deliver CSI outside of the US, so you’re out of luck if you live in the rest of the world.

Searching on Google for CSI:NY Series 4, Episode 5, however, will get you some nice BitTorrents for download. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be saying that, but they’re easily available, and surprisingly, they popped up before the show was displayed…

So, what can you expect from a mainstream TV episode featuring Second Life?

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