Ten Millions of Us

This might go mostly unnoticed, but on Wednesday, October 10, 2007, Second Life officially has ten million registered accounts.

Statistics are mostly irrelevant at this stage (what exactly is a “registered account”?) but it shows the growth — about this time, last year, Second Life was a tenth of the size…

Obviously we’re not expecting hundred million users in October 2008, but, if we did, Second Life would certainly be here to stay forever 🙂

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  • Who says we don’t expect 100m. ;P

  • Well, not at the current rate, Frans 🙂 At most we can expect a doubling of the number of users.

    However, we’ll see what impact CSI:NY’s episode featuring Second Life will make when that hits the screen of half a billion viewers worldwide…

  • A misleading statistic but a marketing dream. Blizzard also promote misleading statistics for their user base on World of Warcraft.

    Registered accounts are each and every avatar created. I have three.

  • Maximilian Proto

    Nice headline number indeed but – as everybody knows – fairly irrelevant. Key is not how many people sign up but how many people stay.

    Despite the strong growth in headline user numbers, the number of active people last 60 days seem to have declined between April 2007 (between 1.6m – 1.75m) and now (1.45m). Also, at 4,000,000 registered accounts in spring, concurrent logins were around 25,000 on average, while concurrent logins at 10,000,000 registered accounts today are on average 40,000.

    40,000 is not such a great number in itself, but the declining ratio in addition to that is something you don’t really want to see at this point of any company’s life cycle.

    This signals to me that the concept of a virtual world such as Second Life is something that interests a lot of people in principal, but that LL don’t seem to be able to retain the vast majority of those people for one or the other reason – which obviously is not too great news. But I joined SL just recently, so I’m happy to be challenged on this interpretation.

  • I guess Gwyneth was trying to say that number may be overcharged but it works for community as it attracts new visitors, which might turn into active users and develop more substrata for further sustainable growth.

  • 10milz

    He,if all 10 milions would use it,ya think SL would be scaleble?