Hitler Explains Second Life

  • Hey Gwyn,
    Funny that you found this video. Just blogged about Hitler video mashups a couple of days ago.
    hitler mashups on youtube

    Pretty cool, though, a bit too harsh on LL’s boss, I think 🙂

  • Sleazy

    WHHAAAH!!!!!!! “WTF :-((((” “Ever since I was a little Philip” !! <— rotffloor

  • Credit where credit’s due… Hiro Pendragon told me about this movie 🙂

  • Hilarious! Especially as I’ve seen the movie.

    BTW, nothing is funny if you do speak German. (Just kidding, some of my best friends are German, or half-German). 🙂

  • Ann Otoole

    OMFG that is great! I haven’t laughed this hard in centuries!
    (of course *I* could never get away with such a parody)

  • Comedy gold… there are a lot of those on teh Interwebs, but this ranks high.

    Especially the bit about Orientation Island. I ‘do’ newbs as a mentor, and OI is the most unhelpful learning experience I have seen. And it looks like Disneyland for some odd reason.

  • Actually, the people from Magrathean Technologies are not quite as creative as it would seem. Of course, this is the first video like this about SL (and is pretty funny, in itself), but using this clip is definitely not an “original” idea.

  • Ugh, using this website to spam your silly blog. Good one, nobody will notice that 😛

  • Hey guys, did you know that the video is not available in Germany? It has been censored! Does it contain offensive content? Or do you think its just because its using images of real A.H. footage?
    I know this comes late, i just recently got the link.
    Best wishes from Olga

  • Hi Olga! I don’t think the original movie uses “real” footage, just pretty good actors… the content is not “offensive” by itself, but I can imagine that as a relatively realistic documentary on Adolf Hitler, and showing lots of Nazi regalia, it might be termed as “offensive” in Germany.

    I think I saw the original video once. As an historical documentary, I found it quite good.

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