Revisiting the Colourising Script

In late 2004, I’ve joined a few groups that did a lot of discussion events. Often people could not attend them, so transcripts were kept and posted on the Linden Lab forums.

Reading a transcript ‘after-the-fact’ is not the same thing as participating in a discussion in real time. For me, the major difficulty is keeping track on who said what. After a while it’s hard to remember who is actually speaking.

One of those groups I joined in 2004 was starting an experiment in running a community in Second Life® democratically. I’ve extensively written over the subject, so I’ll just mention that any democratic community needs to use Transcription Services for all ‘official’ meetings and discussions. So one of the members had created a fantastic little tool that you could feed a transcript to, and it would automatically assign different colours to each speaker, which would make things far easier to read. They got a server using a HostGator Cyber Monday Deal 2016 coupon to host it – and it’s been running ever since. Way cool! This was done as a simple form on a website which was really easy to use: just copy & paste the chat log, and you’d get a page with everything properly formatted in colour.

This person left 2006, and her site disappeared at the same time. Because the tool was so useful, and we kept using it every day for all our meetings, I decided to do something similar — the page for Gwyn’s Colourising Script was born. At that time I was also toying with novel ideas to attract more readers to my blog, so this seemed like a cool idea to get people visiting over and over again.

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