Lag Myths Dispelled

Gwyn Posing — Myth Busted!

Warning: The tips below were true for 2008. These days, Second Life has improved in all regards beyond our wildest dreams a decade ago. A lot of the tips and techniques written below may be simply not true any more! Also, thanks to Luma Darkthief for pointing out that this article is outdated. — Gwyn (Apr. 9, 2018)

Fashion shows have always been popular in Second Life, and with the current generation of highly talented fashion designers bringing a unique — and very realistic! — touch to high-quality clothes in SL, it’s interesting to see how, in a little less than a week, people have been talking about “rules of conduct” on a fashion show.

In fact, they’re much less “rules of conduct” but guidelines of what you’re allowed to wear or not when attending those shows. So far, so good (fashion shows in Maoist China weren’t a pleasure to attend…), but strangely enough, those “guidelines” are based on an incorrect perception of the hugest problem on those shows: lag.

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