Philip Linden on Radio Show

gwyn-with-radio_001Portugal’s leading news radio TSF has brought a reporter to “live” in Second Life for about 17 very intensive days, where he tried to capture what it means to be living in our world in a 45-minute show, to be aired today at 11:15 AM SLT.

Very likely the highlight of the show will be the interview to Philip “Linden” Rosedale. In spite of the usual answers to “why did you create Second Life?” a few of Philip’s insights are brand new. He also gives us an idea on his new daily routine as strategist and developer at Linden Lab.

If you’re in Portugal, tune in to TSF later today and listen to the show… or you can get a life audio stream and a podcast. After the show is over, the full interview with Philip will be posted on the Tagus blog. I’ll certainly be doing a follow-up blog post with some highlights on the new things that Philip has been saying 🙂

Oh, and although TSF is a radio station, they’re very keen on doing some videos. On this teaser, Philip’s comments are left unedited with subtitles in Portuguese.

TSF’s work with Second Life will not be limited to this big radio show. They’ve got their own “virtual studios” on a skybox where they will continue to explore the possibilities of doing in-world interviews, forums with residents, and expand their interaction with their listeners to a new medium; they were often pioneers in Portugal on using Internet-related tools to provide an enhanced experience that isn’t limited to airing shows, but allowing the community of listeners to interact. Second Life is just the latest technology added to what they’ve been using.

TSF was helped a lot in their explorations of SL by CCV, a not-for-profit that explores the arts and culture in the virtual world of SL.

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