WordPress 2.5 just came officially out, and having tested it on other blogs I’ve successfully upgraded, the transition should be painless enough. Still, this blog of mine is known to break a lot of things since it’s so intensely ‘hacked’ 🙂

I beg your patience while I try to do a smooth transition to the new version.

[UPDATE: Polls seem to have gone away, but the rest seems to be working fine. I also like the phpBB-ish look of the backoffice! Guys, upgrade to WP 2.5, you’ll love the automatic plugin upgrades, they’re so cool!]

[UPDATE #2: WP-Polls has a new version, still in Beta, which seems to work well with WP 2.5]

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  • Best of luck to you. I’m considering upgrading my own (also heavily-hacked) blog to 2.5, so I do hope you are able to provide some information on the experience, such as how painless (or otherwise) the upgrade is.

  • Oh… Didn’t see the [Update] section in my RSS reader.

    Cool 🙂

  • All right… this works… but it seems that I have to give up on the WP Super Cache, sadly. It simply gets totally confused about what to cache with this so dynamic site 🙂

    My friends tell me that WP 2.5 does a far better job at caching things, so we’ll have to live with a slower-responding site for a while until I can get a more permanent fix!