Old picture of me saying Hello and Welcome to My Website, made with Crazy Talk 4

Lipsynching with Crazy Talk 4

Thanks to moo Money, I was pointed to this amazing piece of software called Crazy Talk 4, which is able to do all sorts of very creative lipsynching, very easily, using just a few pictures uploaded from Second Life (or… well… basically anything, really!).

Sadly, this is the sort of company that still believes that the only computer platform that exists in the universe is Windows, but alas, what can one do? If you’re a Windows user and interested in machinima using Second Life, you’ll love this application. The trial version works for quite a long time, and the cheapest version costs around US$50, so you won’t need to starve and do a double mortgage on your home to buy it 🙂

Here is an example of what you can do:

Link to streaming video (if the above link doesn’t work)

Cool, isn’t it? The amazing thing, of course, is that this is a rather “lightweight” application, it also works with any language whatsoever (even with rather bad sound clips, which is the case of this movie), and it’s blindingly fast in “real-time” rendering of expressions. Linden Lab, once more, should look at what people are developing these days, and see how to incorporate all those fancy niceties into SL…

Stay tuned for more amazing things done with Poser 5 figures — and keeping us imagining how SL will look like in 2010 😉

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