My presentations on SlideShare

I’ve just been pointed to this nice sharing tool, a way to share PowerPoint, PDF, or OpenOffice presentations via the web. I’ve just shared most of my presentations vaguely related to the Second Life® environment and platform, and, who knows, some might be useful to you.

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  • I’m using Google Docs for a while now. You can upload and edit Power Point and Open office presentations, and cooperate on them, as well as share them.

  • Thanks, Peter, I actually used the whole range of Google’s online applications quite a bit. They’re better for “collaboration” (ie. having several people working on them at the same time), while SlideShare seems to be a bit better for “publishing”, at least in my opinion.

    I think that Google’s obsession with “search, not organise” makes their pack of applications a bit too unorganised for my personal tastes — I’m sure that at some point they’ll allow people to share folders and tags and not only documents, one by one.