The Metanomics Colbert Challenge!

You all saw Jon Stewart’s parody of the Second Life® world shortly after Philip Rosedale was at Congress debating virtual worlds, “Avatar Heroes“. Jon Stewart’s style of humour, of course, is legendary, and the sketch is really lovely to watch and laugh at — but it’s also clear that nobody at Comedy Central had ever been in Second Life. Still, it attracted people’s attention to Second Life (much better than not talking about it)!

Now Beyers Sellers from the immensely popular Metanomics show in SLCN is making a challenge to Stewart & Colbert. He challenges them to come to his show in SL, visiting SL (probably) for the first time, and discuss why, for instance, it’s so silly to work in non-profits using SL and bring the issue to Congress.

Beyers Sellers’ skill of parody is pretty much a parody of Jon Stewart’s, but… the challenge is real!

So will he accept? Even if the Daily Show does a parody of Metanomics, think of the success that would be! And, of course, even if Jon Stewart comes to Metanomics to make fun of it — what an opportunity for promotion!

Let’s get the ball rolling and demand an answer to the challenge 😉

Worth watching too: Glitteractica Cookie’s answer to Jon Stewart:

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  • Actually, Beyers Sellers’s schtick is pretty good, you may just have to know Colbert’s show to get the references. It may even get a reaction, if not coming into SL, at least a mention on the show.

    Glitteractica’s response was quite lame though.

    I am a big fan of Stewart’s and Colbert’s shows, btw.

  • Agreed 100% with Lem there, but I have to say that in Glitteractica’s case, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. She just hasn’t got the tone to be funny.

  • IMO, Glitteractica’s video was too serious and too defensive. A lesson in how not to address either one of those shows.

  • That wasn’t half bad for a professor whose lips don’t move while tackling the great non-issues of the day.