Once Upon a Time

This post was gently contributed by Radar Masukami as part of Vint Falken’s SL Bloggers Mix’n Match Link project. Thanks to Radar for the excellent article, and to Vint for launching this idea 🙂 — Gwyn

Well, here we are in the exciting first SLbloggers Mix’n Match, and I’m stumped. I know I’m supposed to write about SOMETHING, but what was it?? Something management… something management.  Doh!! Oh, well… screw it, I’ll just write a little story and hope no one notices. Let’s see here…
Once upon a time… time… TIME!!! Once upon a TIME!! That’s it! I’m supposed to write about time management in SL!  That may immediately raise a couple questions in your mind, one is why time management, and the second may well be “why are you so qualified, you silly Radarvatar, to lecture me on time management?”  Good questions, both. I think I’ll try to manage my writing time such that I address the first so thoroughly that I run out of space and time to address the second question.  You see, it’s not so much that I’m an expert on time management as it is that I know what it’s like to have a laundry list of things to get done a mile long, and very little time to do them in.  And that’s really the answer to the first question – that in fact Second Life IS a second aspect of our lives, and we all have actual human, atomic person, meat puppet realities which take up most of our time and priorities.
Before I start making up a lot of really neat sounding lies about time management techniques and skills, please ponder for a second what it is that you intend to use your time in SL for. In other words, what do you value the most? Is your goal in life to become a master scripter or builder, to create amazing machinima that wrenches the prim hearts of all who watch, or do you just really think it’s hilarious to run around naked with a newbie penis stuck to your head at welcome areas? Being honest with yourself about what’s most important to you saves a little time in figuring out how to save time. Or something like that.

So here we go!

1. No obligations.  As in, don’t let yourself be constantly beholden to them. I don’t mean don’t make commitments to get things done for or with others, and I don’t mean do not take on tasks that have to be done by a specific time. But I do mean your essential state of being within SL should be one of being able to come and go as needed, without worrying about people’s expectations. This may mean a lot of people management and priority emphasis on RL vs SL with those you do have obligations to in SL. But I can’t emphasize enough, the happiest SL’ers I know are the ones that come in when they have something they need done or simply have a few spare minutes, and they leave when they’re done or something comes up in RL. No explaining, no having to be in at any specific time as a rule. The most stressed and unhappiest people I know in SL are the ones that aren’t having fun because it’s work and they feel obligated to this, that, and the other. And they’re being pulled between RL and SL and it hurts. If you’re doing that to yourself, stop, drop, and roll, and ask yourself some serious questions about why you want to live that way.

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