We’re not fans, we’re patriots

Jacek Antonelli in Winterfell LibrisAs the Second Life Fifth Birthday commemorations approach — with a new round of drama that deserves its own blog post — the insanely clever Jacek Antonelli came out with an impressive post on our relationship with the Second Life® world. Picking on Louis Gray’s The Five Stages Of Early Adopter Behavior, Jacek describes a slightly different take on her relationship with Second Life. She’s not “loyal to Linden Lab®” (something which is getting harder and harder to do as time goes by), but she’s quite loyal to the platform, the environment, thecommunity, and the possibilities that are only possible in Second Life, and, honestly, we aren’t going to see any changes in the future — except on Linden Lab’s increased puritanism, legal paranoia, and bending their collective knees towards the very same puritan and paranoid corporate market, which they desperately wish to attract.

Like Jacek, the issue is not “Second Life”. It’s “Linden Lab”. And this is something which won’t change.

After all, it’s still our world and our imagination — even if at some point we’ll need to cut our ties with Linden Lab to get rid of their quirks, and stick to use Second Life® as we were meant to.

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  • Indeed.

    I have often thought of the term Second Life as a way of describing the community itself.

    I’m sure Linden Lab would ( quite legally and rightly ) disagree and say it is the name of their product offering.

    I think the thing we now think of as the “community” will spread, and inhabit areas of the wider Grid which may not adhere to the requirements of the Linden business model. However I’m not sure if this will culturally positive for the “official” SL Grid itself, although I suspect it may be positive for achieving Linden’s desired business model.

    Will segments of the community who do this be Patriots – or Pioneers staking out new territory across the opengrid frontiers ? What does this mean in terms of fragmentation of the community of Second Life, something fostered through 5 years of intricately linked environmental, economic and social development ? These questions are concerning, but I retain hope through the rigour and integrity of discussion – both in SL and across blogs / twitter.

  • I agree. The problem is of course that right now we are patriots of a “country” which’s name is trademarked and this is not really going to work.

    Name owning is never good anyway 😉

    As for the LL managed grid in some years it indeed might fit into what Linden Lab wants to have but if it will be successful is another question. IMHO better for Linden Lab would be if they would try more to keep the community together instead of alienating parts of it as they do right now. Everybody would benefit from that.