Innovation Week, Internationalisation, And More Utterly Useless Devices

Hardly worth to begin the Innovation Week without being innovative myself!

Full of guilt, I spent the wee hours of my insanely busy weekend (there is no time left for anything, unless I cut on my sleeping hours — which I did 🙁 ) trying to quickly cook up two simple items. One was inspired on the Talk Like a Pirate Day — an English-to-pirate translator, with two “dialects” to pick from. There are dozens of websites doing these kinds of translations, but sadly none of them use APIs, so it means using the old method of grabbing a web page in the background and parsing it for the translation, digging through layers Javascript to figure out where the webmaster is making those nice calls to their translation application.

Obviously, LSL is not up to this task, it’s simply too slow and hasn’t got enough free memory to do it. So I simply left the processing to an external script in PHP, running from this very same website, and let LSL call my script instead. It works like a charm, and the beauty of it is that I can tweak those scripts at will without needing to provide updated versions of the English-to-Pirate translator. Thus, the GUUD Simple Pirate Translator was born 🙂 It’s not even HUD-based, you can attach it anywhere you like, it’s a single invisible prim.

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