My contribution to Vint Falken & ArminasX Saiman SL Bloggers Mix ‘n Match

Allegedly popular with other blogger communities, but done for the first time in SL, Vint Falken of and ArminasX Saiman of launched the SL Bloggers Mix ‘n Match challenge to a rather large group of SL bloggers to write articles on other SL bloggers, with subjects randomly assigned. The result was fun, and often quite challenging, since mixing styles and themes leads to unexpected results! 🙂

In my case, I was lucky to be allowed to talk about a subject very dear to me (business in SL) and was honoured to be added to a professional journalist’s blog — Joan Kremer (aka Alas Zerbino in SL) — which made me much more uneasy than usually!

I’ll invite you to read my own article (The Future of Business in Second Life (an SL Bloggers Mix ‘N Match guest post) and, of course, add Joan/Alas’ fascinating blog about writing and writers in SL to your list of “must read” RSS feeds 🙂

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