New Class 6 Servers Are Out

Sorry! This was, naturally, my April Fools prank for 2009 🙂

gwyn-typing-on-an-imacFor some time we have speculated on the so-called Class 6 servers, whose specifications have been floating around for a long time now, but which Linden Lab had formally denied the existence.

At the same time, with Linden Lab forging strong alliances with IBM, Intel, Sun, Novell, and even to a degree, with Google (which powers the in-world search through a Google Appliance Server), a notable absence has been felt: Apple. Rumours even claim that Steve Jobs has once commented that Apple would never be in Second Life, “because there is no money in it”.

Things definitely have changed. In a recent interview, Linden Lab’s Frank Ambrose, Senior VP Global Technology, and Joe Miller, VP Platform & Technology Development, jointly announced their plans for the new infrastructure that will be supporting the newest generation of Second Life simulators.

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