Second Life: 4% of World-Wide Market Share in Telephony and Digital Content Economy

A few days ago, I tweeted about some intriguing statistics that Linden Lab never really publishes, and which I actually asked out loud why not.

Probably someone at the ‘Lab picked them up (or it’s all just a holistic coincidence…) and told Lewis PR to get this press release out. I’m glad they did it, but appalled at Linden Lab’s humbleness and meekness. Were I writing a Press Release about it, I would be far more enthusiastic:

Second Life: 4% of World-Wide Market Share in Telephony and Digital Content Economy

second-life-market-shareDelivering over a whopping 15 billion minutes of voice services in Second Life, (over a billion minutes per month), Linden Lab has effectively become the second largest long-distance phone operator in the world, following Skype (33 billion minutes in 2008, 75% of those being free phone calls) and establishing for itself a world-wide market share of about 3.6% of all international phone calls (417 billion minutes in 2008), which are being routed through Second Life.

In 2007, according to the OECD, the world-wide market for digital content, including paying for music (on iTunes or similar services), video, software and game downloads, and other forms of paid digital content, reached US$11.2 billion (excluding advertising). Second Life’s internal economy of 3D content sales and virtual land management, as well as other forms of services, generated close to US$400 million (US$450 million estimated for 2009), or about 3.6% of the world-wide’s economy on digital content (note: Apple would probably have about 40% of the market).

Just think what all this means. A company that has about 4% of the world market share in both voice calls and digital content. And nobody still gives it due credit? Hmm.

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  • And number 8 in the world of video games.

    What is really remarkable is that Linden Lab does not advertise Second Life.

    So once Mr. Ambrose gets done making the system scale then a decent marketing campaign should make a lot of other companies suddenly stop calling us perverts and start calling us many other vile names since all their bases are belong to us.

  • Yes, it’s utterly amazing. I wonder what would happen if LL just advertised a bit

    A slight correction on my numbers: if you add online advertising (which is mostly Google, of course…) to the figures above, Linden Lab will just have a market share of roughly 1% of all digital content sales. But… on the other hand… they would be below the giant Google (and other online advertising giants, including Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, etc.) but still slightly above Apple!

    Facebook or MySpace probably wouldn’t even show up…