Supporting business in Second Life seriously

It was simply not what they were after. They just wished to have brand awareness. And since the funds for raising brand awareness usually come from the bottomless coffers of their marketing departments, the years of 2006/7 have seen million-US$-virtual presences being built for a while.

Which quickly disappeared after the media lost interest (the journalists are fickle!) and, to a degree, the media, probably with some help of some frustrated CEOs and marketing managers, tried to label Second Life as “worthless” and “soon to be a forgotten technology”.

Nothing could be so far away from the truth. Still, writing an article on “the end of Second Life” is a certain way for a journalist to earn a few US$ from their editors. They can even re-use the same articles over and over again; Second Life, in several cases, has outlived those journalists or the media they wrote for 🙂

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