TED talks come back to Second Life!

TEDxEdges (http://tedxedges.com) is TED‘s programme for local initiatives, where a conference takes place in a specific country of region, following in general the same format and with the same quality of the ever so popular TED Talks, but independently organised. Tomorrow, September 18th, they will be physically in Lisbon, Portugal, and the topic will be “The Case-Studies of Finland and Israel — Promotion of an IT Cluster: a new technological model for Portugal towards the creation of new wealth”. A conference that will take place from 1 AM SLT to 1:30 PM SLT (9:00-19:30 local time).

It’s not easy to get access to the physical conference (always too crowded!), so TEDxEdges partnered with ACCVirtual to provide live streaming into Second Life. Hosted by the peaceful Portuguese community at 100limite, the whole session will take place on their island, where anyone wishing to see the conference live — and discuss it — is quite welcome.

(Trailer produced by ACCVirtual)

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