F for Fail

[Ok, so, you should be wary of what you read on April 1… don’t take this article too seriously! Nevertheless, I seemed to have been rather insulting to many of you, so I wrote a new article with some apologies — and some surprising news!]

The past few days I have been rather frustrated with Linden Lab’s technical support. While I’m sure that I will get the answers I require from them… eventually… after missing half a dozen deadlines and trying to hammer some sense in them… the point is, why should it be so hard to get Linden Lab to do what we need them to do??

Then just yesterday we got a poisoned gift. One one hand, Second Life Viewer 2.0 is officially out of Beta and became the regular viewer with which new residents will have to go through the new Welcome Areas. This is, in general, good. We’ve been stuck with pretty much the same interface for the past… eight years. It’s way too long. I always embrace change, even if I’m quite sure that a lot of people will disagree that the current UI is worse than before. It’s pointless to argue: people get familiar to all kinds of things, good or bad (and the 1.X interface was quite bad), and change to something unfamiliar will always be perceived by some as being “terrible”. I won’t go into that.

No, what worried me was the new Terms of Service, and the whole way Linden Lab is handling the Third-Party Viewers. I’m now convinced that they are the product of a severely deranged mind, and promise to cover that in more detail on another post. I’m too furious now to write a rational article about the changes. Suffice to say that LL is very, very lucky to be 12,000 km away from me.

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