Broken vendor image

Attention to all my shoppers: my vendors stopped working!

Broken vendor imageOver six years ago, I designed my own web-based vendor shopping software, before these became popular (mostly thanks to the original SLEX, which was renamed as XStreetSL, and later became SL Marketplace). This was never completely finished — it was pointless to “compete” with SLEX anyway — but I always used it for my own in-world vendors, since SLEX never supported those.

Today, Emia Core noticed that she could pay the vendors, but never received anything. A quick investigation showed that two things stopped working with my software: firstly, because it was based on PHP4, the current iteration of PHP5 running on my backend servers just drops a lot of warnings and apparently doesn’t do anything worthwhile (in the past, in spite of the warnings, the code was properly executed). But more seriously than that, apparently the old XML-RPC library I was using simply stopped working. Or perhaps LL dropped XML-RPC support (since the way it was implemented is not efficient anyway, and we have the far-better HTTP-in mechanism to accomplish the same thing) and I just have missed the announcement; more likely, something changed and I simply don’t have time to track it down and fix the bugs.

In any case, I just had two in-world vendors using my software. Still, my deep apologies if anyone tried to buy anything from them lately and simply didn’t get anything in return for their L$. Please contact me back with proof of purchase (that means going to and looking up the ID Prefix for your transaction) and I’ll either send you the item manually, or return your money and you’ll be able to buy it directly from my SL Marketplace store instead.

I’m really sorry about this. Second Life changes, and we have to adapt to changes; I’m just afraid I haven’t time right now to fix the vendors 🙁

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