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  • It’s a great idea, Solo 🙂 I love Drupal too; I only wish I had the time to learn it properly 😉 But the more ‘similar’ projects for integration, the better…!

  • Otenth Paderborn

    I tried it, and this is my results: When I touched the object with an alt, the username and password were fed back to the alt, but no site address. Then I couldn’t log in with the new account, because it was set up with no user role, and no email address. When I tried to touch the object a second time with another alt, the second alt got an error message that the email address is already in use. And I got this message from the object: [22:14] Object: New avatar registration activated on WordPress site! Msg. received is 1db1f0cd-485d-4bd0-9830-9bf1c4f004c6|fail|Registration failed. Error: This email address is already registered.

  • Thanks for the tests, Otenth! The missing website address is really a silly bug, it should be easily fixable. I don’t understand why no role was actually set, it should, by default, become a “Subscriber”. Hmm. Perhaps I mixed up the roles somehow. Thanks for spotting that!

    Emails will not be filled in, as there is no way to get an email associated with an avatar address. I hope that doesn’t make a difference for logging in, or I shall have to create “fake” emails instead, which is a bit annoying.

    The second message is a bit more mysterious, and, to be honest, when I tested myself, I have encountered it once or twice. Apparently SL is sending two requests in quick succession. Note that I wrote apparently. The behaviour looked like that was what was happening, but I’m not so sure yet. I will try to add a delay on SL’s side — e.g. limit requests to one per second, or pop up a dialog box to confirm the registration first — to see if that mysterious behaviour does not happen any longer.

    Man, many thanks for trying it out, I really appreciate it!

  • A new version is out. This should improve a lot of issues that you’ve encountered, and it also includes more robust message sending (i.e. make it harder to hack). I’m working on a few more changes based on Solo’s suggestion and ensuring compatibility with the latest OpenSim versions (sadly, most commercial OpenSim grids use very old versions — because they’re seen as more stable — which don’t implement the required LSL functions for my script to work).

  • Inspired by the description of that Drupal project, I’ve added a lot of similar security features and the ability to connect from different grids as well.

  • Ok, the current version is a bit better and should fix pretty much all you’ve pointed out:

    1) The site address is now always present when IMing the user.
    2) By touching on a registration object again, if the avatar is already registered, they will get an IM with a reset password.
    3) The “multiple touching” silly bug was fixed, I was using the wrong event call. Argh, the shame! It looks like I had learned LSL yesterday 😛
    4) Email addresses are obviously not possible to add automatically (we don’t know them 🙂 ) so what the plugin does — since WP does [email protected]:disqus quire a valid email address — is to add avatar name @ your website’s domain address instead. In some cases, for some sites, this might actually be useful! (like offering users a free email service or something like that)
    5) If you’re registering from SL, the user’s Web address will be filled in with the link to their SL profile in my.secondlife.com and the WP profile description will have the same information (well, almost) than their SL profile, plus a line saying where they registered from.
    6) Lots of new security features to try to limit the free-for-all registration that the early versions allowed 🙂
    7) Tested with OpenSim, so people with avatars all over the Metaverse can register wherever they want from and reset their password from any grid out there. Well, any that uses or later versions; most commercial grids use earlier versions.