Mesh quality using up a single prim? Nah!

When I read Inara Pey’s article covering Ample Clarity‘s PrimPossible shop, I was a bit skeptic: top-of-the-line furniture design in Second Life® with just a single prim? No way!

As meshes have been introduced, residents have noticed that they are almost worthless for furnishing small parcels — except for some well-designed furniture, the result will end “eating up” way more of your Land Impact allocation (or, for you on older or non-LL viewers, “prim limits”). The algorithm for calculating Land Impact for meshes is not expected to change in the near future, so we’re stuck with older, non-meshed designs for our low-prim furniture.

Then suddenly I got notice of the exact opposite strategy. By using high-end 3D modeling software and an unsurpassable talent, Ample Clarity managed to squeeze a lot of interesting, traditionally very-high-prim designs (like pianos!) into… a single prim. Yes, you have to visit his shop to believe. There is no way you can evaluate the strange feeling of looking at incredibly detailed, beautiful furniture and right-clicking on it to check how many prims it takes and seeing that it only consumes… one prim.

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