NymWars Gone To The Dogs

Engraving of Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field
I’m not real enough for Facebook. But dogs are!

While I was drooling about Linden Lab’s latest developments — which will be covered on a subsequent article — I got an email by Online Media Daily Europe about an article featured on Red Rocket Media announcing that a lot of UK Facebook accounts were actually held by… dogs. In fact, 7% of the dog population in the UK has their own Facebook account.

The London Evening Standard and the IT Pro Portal also cover the same story. They show how “DogBook” or “FaceDog” is so popular, that Top Dogs get millions of Likes, and, as such, are great for marketeers to target ads. (Cats are, of course, featured on LolCats and perhaps that’s why they aren’t so popular on Facebook) The journalists think this to be a great idea.

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