Infographic: 10 Years of Second Life


Original press release from Linden Lab.

No need to comment; maybe, if we go viral with this, the media wakes up after 6 years of slumber and goes “wow! how could we have missed this massive growth?”


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  • Wolf Baginski

    I am not all that optimistic about the media. I suspect embarrassment after the past pattern of hype and doom-prediction. Phillip Rosedale came to the Burning Man – Deep Hole region yesterday and gave a talk on what he is doing. He says it is really surprising that any new-idea company, as Linden Labs is with Second Life, can last for ten years.

  • Mona Eberhardt

    Um, where exactly is this so-called massive growth? The user base figures on this infographic are utterly worthless and I don’t think any IT journo worth their salt would even bother to read it before relegating it to the rubbish bin. 36 million accounts created? OK, so where are all these users now? SL supposedly has 1 million active users now (which is simply not enough for the big business to notice and give LL oodles of cash – so LL’s corporate pipe dream will remain unfulfilled), but in reality I’d say 500,000 is a far more realistic figure, given how many people are online at any given time.

    Still, 1/36 is a pathetic pathetic user retention rate. And also, 400,000 new user sign ups? Heh. How many of these are actual users and how many are SEO-related automatically generated spambots? How many are actual users and how many are sockpuppets for SL feed and forum trolls? How many are throwaway alts for griefers?

    This infographic is a piece of non-info. It’s content-free marketing BS, plain and simple.