Danton’s Tour Of OpenSim Grids

Danton Sideways just posted on his blog the result of his tour of the current offerings of OpenSim-based grids and how he evaluated the “state-of-the-art”. All look promising… in a future to come. He was quite honest about his evaluation, and did his best to be in touch with the OpenSim community and understand their plans for the immediate future.

If you’re considering to move over to the OpenSim because you’re unhappy with the Second Life® world, read Danton’s essay most carefully before considering to switch over. Then come back in 2010 to see the differences!

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  • Wow, Gwyn, thanks for putting my tour of theOpen Source grids on your blog. I’ve also been studying the open source viewers. For the latest news about RealXtend, people should look at this post by Ugo Trade:


    RealXtend seems to going high-end, talking of using “mesh” instead of prims, and requiring more computing capacity than a lot of folks have. Whereas I think most users just want a rugged, functional viewer that works with any fairly recent graphics card, and is more stable than the latest official releases. There are several alternative viewers which are just modifications of the official open source release, as discussed by Caleb Booker (this post is from last September so probably out-of-date):


    These viewers add various innovative functions, but I’ve heard that some people also find the Nicholaz viewer to be more stable than the official releases.

    There is still need for a browser-based viewer, giving “lite” access just to chat and IM and so on. This would be useful for example for access from the cheap “netputers” that are coming on the market. Katharine Berry’s Ajaxlife seems to be stagnating. There should be an open-source project to make a browser-based viewer that one can install on one’s own computer, rather having to go through a third-party site, taking the risk of having one’s password hacked. Would a Firefox plug-in be feasible?

  • Added note: there was some confusion in my mind about whether “browser-based” by definition means going through a third-party website. What I meant was that someone should develop an open-source “lite” viewer that runs from your hard-disk without requiring a fancy graphics card. So forget my question about a Firefox plug-in (unless it still makes some kind of sense to anybody).

  • You might find this article of interest.

  • I’ve expanded my comments above into a whole new post on my blog, about alternate Second Life viewers:


    With the stimulus of open source, the Second Life viewer and its alternatives are evolving towards becoming full-fledged 3D web browsers. The future 3D web will be a mass of decentralized sims and independent grids, all accessed by the same standard 3D browsers. One’s avatar will be integrated into the 3D browser, and generated automatically whenever you enter a new sim or grid. Teleporting back and forth between separate grids will be almost as easy as clicking from one webpage to another.

    P.S. to Ashcroft: your link seems broken, can you post it again?

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