NeXT Life

Time Warp

Unless you have been hiding in a warp hole somewhere (like I am!) you might have missed the latest announcement from Linden Lab: Second Life: The Next Generation, or SL2, or — as I prefer to call it — NeXT Life, is currently being developed, and the first beta will probably appear sometime in late 2015/early 2016 or thereabouts.

To make sure that current residents don’t panic, Ebbe ‘Linden’ Altberg, current CEO of Linden Lab, was anxious to pass the message, during the Third-Party Developer Meeting which happened last Friday, that Second Life is not closing down. Linden Lab will continue to support Second Life. They will just launch a separate, independent, alternative, brand shiny new virtual world. And no, it’s not High Fidelity, although they’ve hinted they might use some of the open source code published by Philip Rosedale’s other company.

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