The Luddites strike back!

Both inworld and out there, I have been busy spreading Philip’s vision. The preliminary results are quite fascinating, and I do hope that Linden Lab?’s own marketing department has had much better experiences. Since the “metaverse building” is something radical for the overall population – they will have to “grow […]

Building the Metaverse – Connecting it to the Real World

After reading several white papers on online economy, browsing around the forums, and having discussions with people inworld, as well as checking up on what Philip Rosedale (CEO of Linden Lab?) says about it, I finally did it: I started to pull in the real world economy into Second Life®. […]

Thoughts on a new “reputation system”

This is taken directly from my post in the forums. After a discussion on the rating system with Moon Adamant, we have figured out an interesting “alternative” rating system. It has a slight problem of “computational resources” required. We both feel there is a need to “extra-rate” someone very special […]

How Second Life works (techically speaking)

First, a disclaimer… I do not have any type of connection to Linden Lab (wish I had, though 🙂 ). Information collected about how the system works has three main sources: looking at the logs (SecondLife.log), reading the forums, and talking to older residents (who sometimes have exchanged ideas with […]

My interpretation of Philip Linden`s vision

Some of us have been privileged to listen “live” (or through the many repeaters) what Philip Linden told SL’s population at large about his visions and the questions he answered for the residents, at the last Town Hall meeting on October, 1st. You can read the official transcript to give […]

Hard working in Second Life

Several very observing residents have noticed the “real estate market crash” – since the Lindens have added much more land, prices have fallen down dramatically. With the GOM crash last week, this also means that suddenly we didn’t have any way to bring “fresh” money inworld. Some analysts predict that […]

The Aristocracy in Second Life

Second Life is ruled by a benign demitheocracy. What this means is that the Lindens are the rulers – they care for our avatars, they keep the grid running and are further developing it, and they interfere to provide for justice in case of conflict. And they help the residents […]

Taking offense in Second Life is easier…

So you have lots of experience with online conversations, for years and years, have been accused of starting flame wars and managed to escape without getting burned, and you’re the nicest person in the world, so there is no way you’ll get misinterpreted in Second Life, isn’t it? Think again. […]

The Doctor Is In!

So you have a new girl-/boyfriend in Second Life and you have been having a marvelous time with her/him? She/he is intelligent, witty, easy-going, loves parties, enjoys herself and pleases you, and she/he even has lots of interesting friends. Sounds great, right? But is she/he actually like that in RL? […]

Scripts for free?

Scripters (or scriptors) are the Second Life programmers. They usually have some background in Real Life programming and have just discovered the joys and wonders of dealing with an awkward event-driven state machine with inconsistent library functions. If this paragraph sounds like gobbledigook to you, STOP READING! You won’t find […]

The Soul Solace Opening Meeting (Sep 3rd, 2004)

For those who wanted to attend but weren’t unable to do so, here goes a resumed version of the event. Attendants were informed that I would post this information online and edit it; everyone who attended is welcome to email me and ask for corrections if they feel I have […]

The Soul Solace

Well, when I started updating this site, I was thinking more of writing a few tips and tricks and things I’ve been discovering in Second Life that would benefit more new users. As time goes on, however, it seems that I’m more into thinking about what Second Life is really […]

My views on Second Life politics

Sometimes the forums are down, so here is a short list of my own views on the (eventual) future government of SL: – Linden Government as “permanent” benevolent demitheocracy as the Executive Branch (eventually with Linden staff rotating posts) – a Second Life Parliament with representatives of all SL citizens […]