Figuring out your online status in Real World

Second Life has numerous nifty features, and despite some bugs, the urge to create all kinds of stuff has made me eagerly test for each and every one of them. I wanted to get an “online status” on my web page, and this means using XML-RPC, a standard, open-source interface […]

Ulrika`s tutorial on animation!

I finally found out the best introduction so far on animation for Second Life using Poser! Thanks for Ulrika for all her trouble in getting this basic tutorial available online! The only extra thing you need to know about animations is letting Poser do the scaling for you, and usually […]

Help! Do I need therapy??

When do I know that I need therapy for stopping to play Second Life? 1) When you spend more time online playing the game than working for your boss.2) When a 20-hour day just feels “natural” to you.3) When every hour spent “off-line” is spent reading programming manuals, looking for […]

DreamWorks at your home!

Having played around with objects (hard to master), scripting (well even harder really) and clothes design (stupidly simple if you know Photoshop well or something similar; the only hard part is being a good clothes designer. Like in the real world!), I thought I would take a hand at animations… […]

Scripting nightmares

Wow. I thought this would be easy. LSL (Linden Scripting Language) looks like C++, Java or Javascript, so I thought I would give a go at it. Actually, just like Java, it’s an interpreted language, but it gets precompiled before it goes into the magic stores at Linden’s. The hard […]

On building

I started building my first home the hard way: aligning objects one on top of the other. It took ages just to get the various parts of a wall fitting correctly around the windows. And when I was finished, ah well, the house was too small to let two people […]

Some pictures of my home…

This was my home in Second Life® for almost 10 months, I have since moved on, but I’ve left here a few old photos… Uli is a mountainous region with a lake and a river well below. I live almost at the top of one of the mountains, so I […]

The concept of ShareWear

Well this is probably a very silly concept, but here it goes… Good clothes design in Second Life is actually very cheap! Some of the best designers (like Von) do amazing creations and sell them for as cheap as L$ 150 (you can search for “House of Von” in the […]

My bathing suit

So, how did I do it? Actually I’m no designer, much less a clothes designer. What I did was to copy some designs from La Redoute’s online website. This is a French catalog shop, selling their clothes all over Europe. One thing I found out is that they don’t have […]

Hello there!

A very naive Gwyn wrote the following nice lines in late July, 2004: Hi there! If you’re seeing this page, I guess you’ve looked me up somewhere in Second Life – either in the game itself or in th forums. My name (in Second Life at least) is Gwyneth Llewelyn […]