Ulrika`s tutorial on animation!

I finally found out the best introduction so far on animation for Second Life using Poser!

Thanks for Ulrika for all her trouble in getting this basic tutorial available online!

The only extra thing you need to know about animations is letting Poser do the scaling for you, and usually replying that your arms are on the X scale.

There are LOTS of animations in BVH over there! I found out that if I start with Ulrika’s “default pose”, change it to just one frame, and import any kind of BVH file, the next time I save it, it will import nicely in Second Life!

Now you just need to grasp the techniques to make proper animations (*laughs out loud*)! This is beyond myself to explain. Ulrika gives a few hints but you really need to follow extra tutorials and read the whole of Poser’s manuals. Still, it’s great fun, and I really hope you’re able to do that special dance sequence you always wanted to but never had money to afford!!

Note: For some unfathomable reason, people are still viewing this article, seven years after it has been written. Ulrika’s website has gone away, long ago; but I’ve managed to retrieve a link to Ulrika’s Poser Tutorial on the Wayback Machine. Since this might one day disappear, too, I have saved the page as a PDF and you can get it here: www.Ulrikasheim.org – Basic Poser Tutorial

The tutorial mentions two files which you can also download from here: Flap.bvh and Flap.pz3

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