The Soul Solace Opening Meeting (Sep 3rd, 2004)

For those who wanted to attend but weren’t unable to do so, here goes a resumed version of the event.

Attendants were informed that I would post this information online and edit it; everyone who attended is welcome to email me and ask for corrections if they feel I have represented their views incorrectly. Names are not revealed to protect privacy, as some of the comments were quite personal.

The moderator introduced the session by asking participants to think about their relationships in Second Life. There were both very new residents as well as some quite old ones in the meeting, so there was a good spread of possible opinions. It was pointed out that things “go much faster” and are “pretty intense” in SL so that relationships also develop quite quickly. New residents already established a firm relationship of friendship and preferred to roam the Brave New World together.

Some residents pointed out that the mix between SL and RL actually go very deeply and no one really warns us beforehand before we start to join this “game”.

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