Poser 5 for free… for a while!

Poser 5 boxed

After finishing a 2-month-long marathon to make a “proof of concept” machinima using Second Life for a customer, I just saw this post on the Official Linden Blog. Yes, for four days you’ll be able to get a valid license key of Poser 5 in your name. 🙂

Although Content Paradise is famous for doing these types of promotions, this is a “one of a kind” type of promotion — Poser 5 being the best way to create SL-compatible animations. It’s by far not the only way, as followers of this blog have noticed 🙂

So get your valid key through Content Paradise, and don’t complain if the downloads are taking too long — instead, be happy because you now got an incredible opportunity to have a valid Poser key!

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  • Amford

    The new site looks great Gwyn!

    Thanks for the tip on Poser, I have already passed it along as well as getting a copy for myself.

  • Woooot thanx for the reminder! Almost overlooked that post (well actualy I did!) but now I got a free reg too!! YAY!

  • Archie

    Please DATE your blogs

    I got all excited and realised that this offer was 2bloody years ago!


  • Well, they’re dated, Archie — why do you think the URL shows 2006/09/02 ? 🙂 And although the year is not shown under the current theme, at least the month and day are.

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