The Octocracy Meets…

For the sake of the participants, I hope they got the agenda a bit earlier than yesterday to let them prepare properly. Besides that, it’s interesting to see how most of the questions have been answered already (except, naturally enough, to the ones regarding new technology) in several million possible ways. One can only wonder why they are being asked (and probably answered) once more. More important than that ? many questions have multiple possible answers. In some cases, 300,000 different answers (my favourite one: “Name the little things (usability issues) that have bugged you repeatedly.” ? I can bet that no two people would order that list in the same way 🙂 ). Which answer will prevail?

At this point, it’s naturally not the place nor the time to make any comments on the agenda. The scope of all the “key features” on the agenda is actually so big that it would make more sense to present them at the SLCC; doing a presentation/discussing to just 8 people might seem limiting, but we can only watch and wait what will be the follow-up on that.

I prefer to focus right now on the positive aspect. If all these questions are on LL’s collective mind, it’s far better to have them asked now ? and get 8 answers ? than to remain silent, or, worse than that, answer them without asking anyone 🙂

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